Karl Bradley was nominated for the Sefton Eco Champion Award by Mrs Morgan for his vision about how he wants to improve all things Eco at LHS.  He has also taken part in assemblies encouraging students to recycle more, in addition to leading the Rocket Science experiment.  He was then interviewed by a judging panel who questioned him about his vision.  He blew them away with his enthusiasm and his ability to articulate his plans and how he is planning to implement them.  On 7th July, Karl was invited to attend an award ceremony at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Southport with his parents and teacher, Mrs Morgan.  He was crowned Sefton Eco Champion and will now be working hard in school to realise his vision, he will also have some responsibilities within the borough in terms of promoting Eco-related issues. Karl has also been invited to speak on the Southport Soundgrounder Radio station in September about his vision for the school.


Karl said ‘When I joined Litherland High School I got the opportunity to join the school Science Club and soon found out that there was also an Eco Club which was something I was interested in finding out more about. I came up with the idea to run the ‘Great Sunflower Race’ a school competition between tutor groups. I was in charge of delivering the planted pots and monitored their progress along with other members of the group. I also got to work on Tim Peake’s ‘Rocket Seeds’ experiments to compare how seeds that had been in space grew.  I was really honoured to be crowned Sefton Eco-Champion and I look forward to developing my vision in the coming year. My first project will be to establish and design a community garden in school which will be looked after and cared for by the students.’

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