GCSE Results 2015

We are proud of the achievements of all our students, they have worked extremely hard and I would like to thank students, parents and staff for their support, nurturing and encouragement. We would like to particularly acknowledge the achievements of the following students:

Amy Drake 2A* 9A

Ellie Sumner 4A* 5A 2B

Emma Nelson 5A* 1A 4B + AS Spanish

Emma Thomas 4A* 3A 3B + AS Spanish

Molly Crosthwaite 2A* 6A 3B

Bradley Grant 2A* 4A 3B 1C + AS Spanish

Although the focus is on celebrating GCSE results, it is important to remember Litherland High Schools commitment is to drive school improvement in order to achieve the very best for every student. We are really excited about the forthcoming year as we strategically move the school further ahead in its mapped out journey. The school wishes all Year 11 students the very best in their Post 16 Education. and there are still a few places available at our Centre of Further Education.

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