Photography Trip to London

As part of the GCSE Photography course, a group of year 11 students were given the opportunity to visit London to enhance their portfolio of work in preparation for their exhibition in May.

Whilst in London, students experienced a riverboat tour along the Thames and photographed many of the iconic buildings London has to offer such as Parliament and Buckingham Palace. Our students were privileged enough to have a private viewing capsule on the London Eye to enable them to capture the fantastic London skyline.

 Students were also lucky enough to visit the Tate Modern Art Gallery where they were able to visit a new exhibition called ‘Performing for the Camera’. “The exhibition explores the relationship between photography and performance, engaging with serious and sensational topics, as well as humour, improvisation and irony.” Simon Baker

In the evening, students put their skills to the test and captured some outstanding night time photographs from the Millennium Bridge.

Student comment: “London was good, me and all the others got some great images while there. My favourite part was photographing the street performers.” Jack Savin

“I really enjoyed going to London and exploring new places in a new city. It was my first time there, which made it even better.” Louise Robinson

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