Introduction to Spanish

Two of the most persistent myths about languages are that the British do not need to learn foreign languages since everyone else speaks English, and that the only jobs for people with languages are teaching and translating. Both statements are false! The reality is that over 60% of British trade is with non-English-speaking countries and British businesses lose billions of pounds each year due to poor language skills. Skilled linguists have never been so much in demand! Spanish is now the second most widely spoken language in the world - with 332 million speakers it has overtaken English. In Europe Spain is one of the UK’s major economic partners. Communication, negotiation and travel are all greatly facilitated by the ability to speak Spanish.The acquisition of Spanish will therefore be a considerable asset for 21st century adults, especially in the fields of business, marketing, tourism, law and the service industries to name but a few.

Spanish at KS3

This is a two year key stage which has no national assessment at its end. Student progress is monitored over this period to ensure that they achieve or exceed the expected of progress each year.

3 topics are studied in each year. In Year 7 we study the topics of School, Eating out and Leisure Activities. In Year 8 we study the topics of My Home, My Town and My Holidays. Students have the opportunity to work with the Foreign Language Assistant and attend after-school clubs.

Spanish at KS4

The themes studied for the GCSE are “Personal & Social life”, “Local Community”, “The World of Work” and “The Wider World”. Students will complete two written controlled assessments, worth 15% each, on the topics of “My School” and “My Holidays”. They will complete two spoken controlled assessment, also worth 15% each, on the same topics. The final reading and listening exams make up the final 40%.

Students currently in Year 7 will sit the reformed GCSEs. These do not include controlled assessment, but instead have four exams at the end of the course worth 25% each, on the skills of reading, listening, writing and speaking. 

Additional Information

Students should make frequent use of the websites that we subscribe to revise topics studied in class and to prepare for upcoming topics: (ikastola / liverpool21)

www.espanol-extra.couk (ikastola / liverpool21)

The WordReference app or website (an online dictionary) can help with homework.