LHS - 70 Years

We are very proud to announce that this year we are celebrating our 70th birthday. 

You will notice we have a celebratory logo for the occasion and there will be lots of events taking place throughout the year. Keep up to date with all of the latest information about the celebrations by following us on social media and via our school website. Exciting times lie ahead.


Litherland High School was opened in 1949 as Litherland County Secondary School for Girls. Back then we were part of Lancashire (which is why we have a red rose in our logo).  The school then changed to become a co-educational school in the 60s.

During the summer of 2009, the first stages of demolition took place and temporary classrooms where located in the playground. Students from the now closed Bootle High School joined us in the September. Once the first stages of demolition were complete a site was created and the new build began. The new £27.4 million building was completed in February 2011 and staff and students made the move to the new premises during the February half-term. The rest of the old school was then demolished and the remaining area was landscaped into the new outdoor area.

A building for the future....

Our unique building was inspired by our local area, taking special inspiration from our connections with the docks and sea. Main breakout areas within the school represent the bow of a ship and many of the colours are meant to symbolise the many colours seen in the container port. The materials used in the build have come from all over the world, including paving slabs and stone features from Wales and bricks from China!
On the 1st March 2015, Litherand High School became an Academy, part of The Heath (NW)
Multi-Academy Trust.

Memories of LHS

Are you an ex-student (Old Livothian)? Why not got in touch with us and share your memories of your time at LHS. Maybe you have some photographs of the old building that you would like to share? We'd love to hear from you!