Careers & Work Experience


All students access a highly effective careers programme that supports students to make informed, realistic and intelligent decisions about all aspects of the next stage of their education, training or employment with training.

Our careers programme aims to achieve the following

  • To ensure students are informed about how information, advice and guidance services can support them and how they can access the services they need.
  • To ensure students receive the information, advice and guidance on personal wellbeing and financial capability issues
  • To ensure students have the information, advice and guidance that they need to make informed choices and realistic decisions about learning and career options.
  • To create coherent individual programmes for information, advice and guidance that are planned specifically to meet the needs of individual students
  • To ensure students are involved and engaged in the design, delivery and evaluation of information, advice and guidance
  • To ensure information, advice and guidance services promote equality of opportunity, celebrate diversity and challenge stereotypes
  • To ensure parents and carers know how information, advice and guidance services can help their children and how to access different services
  • To ensure staff providing information are appropriately qualified, work to professional standards and undergo continual professional development
  • To ensure independent information, advice and guidance systems are regularly and systematically monitored, reviewed and evaluated and actions are taken in response to findings
  • To ensure processes for commissioning impartial information advice and guidance are effective and result in services that meet the needs of our students and their parents/ carers

Visit ICould to find out lots of information about careers. Here's a few examples of the videos available on the site.

ICould Careers Luke