Czech Exchange

The project is focused on environmental issues and nature conservation.

It also monitors the objectives of international cooperation and the development of communication skills in foreign languages. The main substantive content of the project focuses on national parks. Due to the fact that the project is international the development of communication, language and presentation skills will be part of the programme.  The main aim is to compare nature protection in national parks in the Czech Republic and the UK  - the  Czech Giant Mountains National Park (KRNAP), which lies near Trutnov and the region of Snowdonia in the UK which is also a  UNESCO Biosphere Reserve site  like KRNAP.The park is easily accessible from Liverpool. 

Studying a foreign language and the motivation for it, are closely associated with exploring cultural studies, history, culture and social conditions in the country which take place during the mutual visits and stays. Accommodation for children is provided  in families as part of the trips abroad. In addition to this the personal visits of national parks,  the information centres visits, direct communication with experts in the field of conservation and fieldwork bring a completely different quality of information and personal experiences to the project.

The aim of the working meetings is to plan the activities of the first and second half of the project and the organisation and evaluation of the exchanges. Pupils have been communicating electronically. The students have worked in groups, collected and exchanged information from different areas of interest and prepared PPT presentations.

April 2018

16 students and 2 staff visited our partner school in Trutnov.

October 2018

24 students and 3 staff visited Litherland High as part of the Erasmus project

International work meeting of teachers involved in the project in Liverpool in October 2018

May 2019

International work meeing of teachers involved in the project in Trutnov (2-3 days, 2 teachers).

October 2019

Planned exchange visit to Trutnov with 16 students and 3 staff