Learning is a life-long process both inside and outside of school. We believe that homework provides invaluable opportunities for students to engage with their learning outside of the classroom environment. Homework aims to enhance the learning of students, assist their progress and allow for consolidation of their work.  It promotes independence, time management and drives students to take an active role in their learning and in their progress.


  • To encourage students to take more responsibility for their own learning.

  • To promote self-reliance and self-confidence and encourage the habit of independent learning.

  • To widen the learning experience by encouraging students to use materials and sources of information not available in the classroom.

Litherland High School uses the programme ‘Class Charts’. It allows staff to upload all homework quickly and easily. Students all have log in details and can access their homework tasks, completion dates and relevant resources from the website. It allows parents/carers the opportunity to support in their child’s learning and know what is being set.

Students can access this by going to the Student Portal on our website.