Livo Shop and Livo Fund

Our Rewards System

Livos are the reward currency of our school. Students earn Praise Points throughout the school day for things cuch as attendance and punctuality, producing high quality classwork or making a positive contribution to the community.

Praise points are accumulated to achieve Livos. 10 Praise points equals 1 Livo.

Every two weeks a 'Livo Bank' takes place during tutor time. Students are handed the amount of Livos they have accumulated over the two week period and they can then spend their 'Livos' in the Livo Shop.

The Livo Shop is run by members of the Junior Leadership Team. There is a wide range of items available for students to buy ranging from stationary and sweet treats to Q-Jumps and school events and experiences.


Livo Fund

The Livo Fund was created to run alongside our rewards scheme. Students unertake various fundraising activities throughout the school year and all of the money raised goes into the Livo Fund which then funds the Livo Shop.