Spanish Exchange

We have been running a highly successful Spanish Exchange for 21 years. Students from Litherland High School visit their partners in Elgoibar in the Basque Country regio of Spain. During the stay students spend time in the school, the Ikastola, learning about the education system. They visit the historic town of Guernica and go on a tour of the Peace Museum. We also visit the city of Bilbao, taking in the impressive Guggenheim museum and a bit of shopping! We also visit San Sebastián, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The first night of the Exchange is always daunting and the look of trepidation on our students’ faces always tugs at my heartstrings, but the tears that they inevitably shed when saying goodbye, or “agur” (in Basque!) are proof of the profound effect that the experience has on our students. The Spanish students visit us in July for two weeks. They take part in cultural excursions as well as working with our students in all years to improve their Spanish and their cultural knowledge of Spain. Participation in this Exchange has been a life changing opportunity for some students, who have then been motivated to go on to study languages at university. For all students who have taken part over the years it has enabled them to experience first-hand family life in another language, something which they will never forget. 

Spanish Exchange 2018

"12 people in our year group took part in the exchange to Elgoibar for 11 days. We stayed in our Spanish exchange partner’s home. We went on many trips such as: Bilbao to the Guggenheim museum, Guernika Peace Museum, San Sebastian and Deba with our exchange partners. We experienced the lives and culture of Basque people many of whom have become our close friends. Although it was daunting at first, our favourite moments were going to the beach and getting ice cream and having meals at the local restaurant called Pilon. The experience has been very memorable and has helped improve our listening, speaking and cultural understanding. We can’t wait for our exchange partners to come and stay with us in July!"
By Bella Heeley/Erin Hoey/Jade Loughead/Heidi Long/Eve Ball/Amelia Peden/Alicia Strain

In March this year, I was lucky enough to go on our school’s annual Spanish Exchange to Elgoibar in the Basque country in the north of Spain. We went for ten days and the trip was unforgettable.

 Whilst in Elgoibar we visited a museum of the Basque language; it was fascinating to learn about how their original language has evolved.  We also visited the city of Bilbao, and saw the breath-taking Guggenheim museum. I often spent time with my Basque partner and her friends which I enjoyed, and the day that we left Elgoibar to come home was very emotional.

 The Exchange not only improved my knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language, but also was a great opportunity to improve my communication and social skills. I gained friends whilst over in Elgoibar that I am still in contact with now and I am excited to welcome them to Liverpool in the coming days. It was extremely interesting to experience a different culture and I am very grateful to my Basque family for housing me whilst I was over there.

 I believe that the Spanish Exchange hugely benefitted me when sitting my GCSE Spanish exams in May and it was a pleasure to be a part of.


Lillie Year 10