IQM - Centre of Excellence

We are very proud to have achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark and it has been confirmed that we have been awarded the further accolade of Centre of Excellence.


The key strengths of the school:-

  • Leadership at all levels is extremely positive and optimistic and pervades the whole school community. The forward thinking and supportive Co-Principals, Senior Leadership team and Governors have a clear vision for inclusion and a clear picture of where the school is going and how to get there. Supported by the staff, students and parents and the MAT.
  •  All personnel working in the school go the extra mile to meet the needs of all the students in their care. It is the welfare and achievement of the students that is the key driver and what matters and this was clearly celebrated in the wider community in conversations with parents and LA partners.
  • High quality teaching is a continuing priority for the school with programme of Continued Professional Development (CPD) and is linked to appraisal. There is an emphasis on high quality teaching and a drive to continue to improve teaching and learning, so that good or outstanding teaching is at 100% as soon as possible. This is supported by an excellent learning culture across the staff and excellent systems put in place to share good practice and support teachers to improve.
  • A real strength of the school is its highly motivated, professional and enthusiastic staff. They feel supported, valued and listened to by the Co-Principals, SLT and middle leadership. There is a culture and ethos of support for all ensuring that there is progression for staff at all levels. This can also be evidenced by the number of ex- students who have deliberately come back to work in the school.
  • Staff at all levels feel included in decision making processes, feel supported, included and feel valued and part of the success of the school.
  • Transition and induction at all stages are excellent, that has been identified as such by other schools and external agencies.
  • There is outstanding inclusive practice in the school that provides fantastic care, nurture and support for all, in a carefully considered and nurturing environment. Everyone involved in inclusion at LHS should be highly commended for their relentless focus on inclusion and the needs of individual students and groups of students. This is evident in the support that students have access to and receive on a continuing daily basis.
  • The Governors have a clear focus on inclusion, they know the school well and can challenge and support in equal measure. They know their strengths and weaknesses and are committed to continuing improvement and excellence.
  • There are well planned curriculum opportunities on offer provide a full range of pathways that is constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of the students at all key stages. With vocational opportunities being available to support students as necessary enriching their life chances. LHS achieved the International Schools Award in 2016 and is striving for a truly global learning environment with links to other countries such as China and the Czech Republic.
  • The school works very hard to ensure it listens to students, staff and parents. Student Voice is valued. Students are extremely positive about the school and spoke confidently and at length about the help and support available. They appreciate the efforts of the staff and they are proud of their school. Students are very happy with the range of opportunities and they participate enthusiastically, to the point of producing their own student newsletter earlier this year with the second issue due out before Christmas. The students I spoke to were very proud of the fact that they had produced the newsletter and were keen to explain that it was all their own work and that they were looking forward to developing it as it moved forward as a vehicle for student voice and opinion.
  • Parents feel very positive about the school and everything it does to support their children and feel that their voice is heard and communication is a two-way process and issues are dealt with swiftly and successfully and have a very strong voice.
  • Performance Management Structure and Line Management Structures are both supportive and challenging. Self-review is thorough and robust and accountability is high but is not oppressive.