Information & Communication Assistants

A group of students work in our Information and Communication Centre (ICC) as Information and Communication Assistants. The students learn about workiing in a library including the dewey decimal system, how to look after books and how to issue and return them. The students also help to run the many competitions and events that go on in the ICC throughout the year.

"The ICC is a great place to work because it teaches people a variety of useful skills, including management and organisation.  Also, the staff in there are awesome".                 Joel Thornton Year 10

​My name is Nazli and I'm an Information and Communication Assistant. I have worked in the ICC since I was in Year 8 . My duties as an ICA include, issuing and returning books, shelving and looking after the books and making passes for the ICC.  I work in the ICC a couple of days a  week including breaks and lunchtimes. I like my job in the ICC because I like helping others and I find it enjoyable.

​Nazli - Year 9