Uniform & Standards

All students should be properly dressed in school uniform at all times, including whilst travelling to and from school, lunch and breaks.  Hooded Sports tops are not allowed.

See photograph for an example of how uniform should look.

LHS Uniform
Item Description Standard
Navy Blue Blazer* Official school badge  
Navy Blue Skirt/Pinafore Regulation style No fashion skirts
Dark GreyTrousers Tailored style Not Jeans or canvas style
Light Blue Shirt/blouse Buttoned to the collar – short or long sleeve Must be tucked in
School Tie

Official clip on tie

Blue for Years 7-10

Red for Year 11

(Available from school)

Worn outside the shirt – not tucked in
Navy Blue Jumper/cardigan V necked Not zipped
Socks/tights Navy/white socks or neutral/navy or black tights No patterned tights
Black Shoes Low heeled, plain black leather Boots, knee high or ankle not allowed. No pumps or trainers. NO LOGOS. Please note that black shoes from Creative Recreation are not allowed.

*Available from Paul’s Place - Stanley Road opposite The Strand, Bootle, L20 3ER. - 0151 922 2472


Prima Donna - Marian Square, Netherton, L30 5QA. - 0151 378 6225


Item Description
LHS Football shirt (Boys) LHS Polo Shirt (Girls)* With school crest
LHS Shorts*  
LHS socks*  
Trainers Black or white with non-marking soles
Gum shield/shin pads  
Football boots (Optional) For playing on grass

*Available from Paul’s Place - Stanley Road opposite The Strand, Bootle, L20 3ER. - 0151 922 2472


Prima Donna - Marian Square, Netherton, L30 5QA. - 0151 378 6225

Any outgrown or unwanted uniform can be donated to school. Please pass it in to the main office. 



Hair should be an appropriate style for school.  We do not accept extreme hairstyles.  Students should not have a shaved head using below a number two setting.  Long hair must be kept tidy.  Students should have hair of a natural colour as artificial colours are seen as “extreme”. Hair should be in the natural colour range e.g. blonde, brunette, natural red.    Hair accessories are not encouraged but when worn should be subtle.


Make up and nail varnish are not allowed.  Students wearing make-up will be asked to remove it.  Also students wearing nail varnish or false nails will be asked to remove them.


One pair of small earrings.  No other jewellery should be worn.  No nose studs, tongue studs or facial piercings.

Mobile Phones Students may bring to school but they are to be kept out of sight throughout the school day.  Any student using their mobile phone on the school premises will have it confiscated for the day. Parents/guardians will be asked to collect mobile phones should a student continue to use in school.


Students must always have all their equipment i.e. school bags, writing equipment etc.

Bicycles brought to school

The school accepts no responsibility for bicycles brought to school.  However, for those who do bring bicycles, the following arrangements apply:

1. Bicycles can be brought to school for the sole purpose of travelling to and from school.

2. They are brought entirely at the owners' risk and they should be left locked or immobilised in some way in the school bike shed.  (To leave a bicycle unlocked is foolish and invites others to take it).

3. Bicycles are only to be ridden by the owner and not to be lent to others.  Students must dismount at the school gates and not ride bicycles within the school grounds.