Our Staff

Principal Mr D Yates
Vice Principal

Ms K McAnally

Assistant Principal

Miss C Murphy
English Department
Mrs T Lowe Leader of English & Literacy
Mrs D Bromilow
Miss E Cooke
Miss H Giblin
Ms R Rainbow
Mrs H Moffat
Miss E Cooke
Mathematics Department
Mrs E Hanton Leader of Maths and Numeracy
Mr N Morrison
Mr C Pierce
Mrs G Smith
Mrs L Summerfield
Science Department
Mr K Barrett                                                                           Leader of Science
Miss K Carlin - Head of Year 7
Mrs L Williams
Mr C Okpala
Mr S Hesketh
Mrs J Morgan                                                                              
MFL Department
Miss L Newton                                                                              Head of MFL
Mrs M McKenna
Mrs V Glover
Mrs K Heath
Mrs V Perez
Humanities Department
Miss G Sainsbury Head of Humanties
Ms J Scully Geography
Miss K Pothiawala RE
Mr N Dunn Geography
Art/Photography/Technology Department
Miss J Baines

Head of Art/Photography /Assistant Principal

Miss A Bell - Head of Year 11
Miss R Hatton - Head of Year 8
Mrs J Mason Food/ Lead Practitioner of Teaching & Learning
Mr B Glover Technology
IT Department
Mr C Wallwork - Head of IT                      
Mrs N Heath - Head of Year 10
PE Department
Mrs A Bennett Head of PE
Mr C Wilson - Head of Year 9/Assistant Principal
Miss H Curran
Mr D Brodie
Performing Arts Department
Mrs L Walshe Head of Performing Arts
Mrs N Barker
Student Support Staff
Mrs C Gaudie Head of Year 7 - Pastoral
Mrs L Moore Senior Parent/Student Support Worker
Miss N Limb

Head of Year 11 - Pastoral

Mr A Naylor Head of Year 10 - Pastoral
Mrs K McLoughlin Head of Year 8 - Pastoral
Mr J Brougham Head of Year 9 - Pastoral

SENDCO Team / Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Morgan


Mr A Barber

Miss L Bentley

Mr C Greene

Mrs C Irlam

Mrs S Lawes

Mrs Y McIlroy

Mrs L White

Mrs L O'Leary 

Ms S Riley

Mr J Richardson

Miss H Roberts

Mrs D Simpson

Support Staff
Ms K Johnson Admin Assistant/Attendance
Ms J Newton Office/Teaching Supply Cover
Ms L Brown Admin Officer
Mrs L Lannigan Admin/Finance Officer
Mrs C Beadman

Data, Exams & SIMs Lead

Mr L Stackpoole Cover Supervisor
Specialist Support Staff
Mrs A Burns Head of Operations
Mrs L Kinsella PA to Principal/Personnel
Mr W Jones IT Support Engineer
Mr R Irlam Senior Science/Technology Technician
Mrs V McGimpsey Library Admin Assistant
Site Staff
Mr R Jones Site Manager/CCTV/Minibus
Mr F Mulvaney Caretaker