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At Litherland High School, a primary objective of ours is to empower students with the essential knowledge, skills, and qualities needed to advance seamlessly into higher education and, ultimately, into their desired professions. With an emphasis on practical tasks and a curriculum that is catered to the unique needs of our learners. Employing a comprehensive school-wide strategy, we integrate careers into our curriculum, ensuring a well-rounded approach to student development.

National Careers Week 2024

What a successful National Careers Week we have had! Students have been involved in a variety of engaging activities organised throughout the week providing them with opportunities to explore different career paths.

These activities have included CV workshops delivered by Lynn Delaney, our Enterprise Advisor and guest speaker sessions, one delivered by Megan Woods, an alumni of LHS. The interactive sessions have allowed students to learn and understand the skills and qualifications required for success in the future. 

Subjects have shared materials, resources and information including job market insights, educational pathways, information about apprenticeships, traineeships, FE and Internships and we have celebrated the success of one of our students getting to the final stage of the Weightmans Law Internship in partnership with EitC.

Students have participated in the Guess the staff member whole school quiz and have enthusiastically taken part in the library competition and World Book Day where they have explored the career paths of the different characters in their favourite books and the authors.

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

We have a whole school approach to careers, with all staff supporting the delivery of CEIAG within all curriculum areas and also through the pastoral system.

Gatsby Benchmark

We are pleased to announce that we are working towards the Gatsby Benchmark as is the expectation from the Department for Education, the Local Authority and also ourselves as a school. 

The Eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance

1. A stable careers programme
2. Learning from career and labour market information
3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
5. Encounters with employers and employees
6. Experiences of workplaces
7. Encounters with further and higher education
8. Personal guidance



Apprenticeships are structured training programs that combine on-the-job work experience with formal education or training. During an apprenticeship you work for an employer while simultaneously learning and developing skills related to a specific trade or profession. These programs typically involve a combination of hands-on training, classroom instruction, and mentorship.

The apprenticeship model allows you to gain practical experience in a real work environment, receive instruction from experienced professionals, and often earn a wage or stipend. It is a pathway for you to acquire the skills and knowledge required for a particular occupation while actively participating in the workforce.


T-levels (Technical Levels) are a type of technical education qualification in England, introduced as part of educational reforms. T-levels are designed to offer students a vocational and technical alternative to traditional academic routes, such as A-levels.

Information for Parents

Assisting your child in navigating the path toward their desired career can be challenging. We can provide support.

Our Careers Leader is Ms K McAnally

Careers Drop In sessions every lunchtime will start after October Half term. For further information please email