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Student Leadership

Leadership at LHS is an integral part of school life.  Our students within school are recognised for their leadership qualities and are nominated by staff to become Young Leaders from Year 8 - 10.  In Year 11 students are given the opportunity to apply for the role of Head boy/Head girl, they will present a pitch to students across school and LHS students will take part in a democratic vote to decide on their chosen candidate.

Our full student leadership team is made up of Year 8 - 11 students who take ownership of activities and hold key responsibilities within school.

Young leaders are provided with in-house and external provider training throughout the academic year to enable them to prepare for their roles within school, to mentor and coach younger students and to lead extra-curricular clubs and events within school.  Other training has included; careers; healthy lifestyles; anti-bullying and  safeguarding.

Our Young Leaders are also given the opportunity to participate in team building weeks during the summer holidays where they develop skills as a team,  and lead transition activities with year 6 students to prepare them for Year 7.   

We are proud of our young leaders and the ambition, drive and determination that they display within school. They are a valued part of our school community and a real  asset to our school community.