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About Us

It is an absolute honour and a privilege to introduce you to our school.

We live in a world where schools increasingly seem to be measured on results and league tables.

There is no shying away from the fact that they are important, particularly as the grades that students achieve open the doors to so many other opportunities. At Litherland High School, however, we believe that a quality education is so much more.

Students can only excel academically if they have a passion for learning. They need to be happy and confident in themselves. They have to be respectful of those around them and the world that we live in. These are the principles that underpin our approach and ethos as a school – as happy, confident learners are in the best position to achieve their potential and become young people the community can be proud of.

While we always need to continually strive to deliver the very best, it is fantastic to see what our students already achieve on a daily basis. They excel in the classrooms, they celebrate success on the sports fields and they impress with their creativity and artistic ability. Underpinning these stories of students realising their own abilities are our amazing staff, who truly see the unique potential of every learner in our school.

So please have a look at our website and get a flavour for what our school can offer. Better still, come and say hello. It would be fantastic to show you why I am truly delighted and humbled to be leading Litherland High School so you can see how we are delivering ‘Success for All’.

David Yates