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All students should be properly dressed in school uniform at all times, including whilst travelling to and from school, lunch and breaks.

Hooded Sports tops are not allowed.

Students who are not wearing appropriate uniform will be isolated for the day/until they are wearing correct uniform unless parents have notified the school of a pre-existing issue and have had an agreement reached.

Students who do not have appropriate PE kit will be expected to wear a clean spare kit and will also be subject to a school detention.

Students in years 7-10 MUST NOT travel to school in PE kit, even on days that they have a PE lesson or fixture. Full uniform is expected outside of PE lessons and changing facilities will be used in PE lessons.

Year 11 may wear their PE kit in school ONLY on the days when they have a PE lesson, as a result of restrictions to changing facilities impacted by their timetable.

Item Description Standard
Navy Blue Blazer* Official school badge  
Navy Blue pleated Skirt/Pinafore Regulation style No fashion skirts, no straight/tight skirts. MUST be an appropriate, professional length
Black Trousers Tailored style Not Jeans or canvas style
Light Blue Shirt Buttoned to the collar – short or long sleeve Must be tucked in
School Tie

Official clip on tie

Blue for Years 7-10

Red for Year 11

(Available from school)

Worn outside the shirt – not tucked in
Navy Blue Jumper/cardigan - optional V necked generic school jumper Not zipped, no hooded jumpers to be worn – PE hoody should not be worn over uniform
Socks/tights Navy/white socks or neutral/navy or black tights No patterned tights
Black Shoes Low-heeled, plain black leather Boots, knee-high or ankle not allowed. No pumps or trainers. NO LOGOS. 


The school has high quality, pre-loved uniform available – please contact school for further details to access this.


Item Description Standard
LHS PE Top* With school logo Only school PE tops must be worn, no alternative sports wear
LHS Shorts*   No cycling shorts to be worn
PE hooded jumper (optional) Navy with school logo No alternative hoodie or sports tops to be worn
Navy blue leggings   No branded alternatives to be worn, no black leggings
Navy blue tracksuit bottoms   No branded alternatives to be worn
Trainers Black or white with non-marking soles No canvas trainers
Gum shield/shin pads    
Football boots (Optional) For playing on grass  

Paul’s Place
Stanley Road
The Strand, Bootle, L20 3ER

tel: 0151 922 2472

Prima Donna
48 Carr Meadow Hey

L30 2NZ

tel: 0151 378 6225

Any outgrown or unwanted uniform can be donated to school. Please pass it in to the main office. 


Hair should be an appropriate style for school. We do not accept extreme hairstyles. Students should not have a shaved head. Long hair must be kept tidy, and should be tied back when in practical lessons such as DT and PE for health and safety reasons. Students should have hair of natural colour as artificial colours are seen as “extreme”. Hair should be in the natural colour range e.g. blonde, brunette, natural red. Hair accessories are not encouraged but when worn should be subtle.


One pair of small earrings – these should be studs, confined to the earlobe, for health and safety reasons. No other jewellery should be worn. No nose studs, tongue studs or facial piercings. Students are allowed to wear a watch, but this must not be a Smartwatch. Students will be asked to remove jewellery and any recurrence will result in jewellery being confiscated for the day.

Mobile Devices

Students in Years 7-10 must hand their mobile phone into their tutor in the morning. These will be kept in a locked box until the end of the day. Students in 11 may bring a mobile phone to school, but they are to be kept out of sight throughout the school day. Any student using their mobile phone on the school premises will have it confiscated for the day. Parents/guardians will be asked to collect mobile phones should a student continue to use them in school.


Make-up, false eyelashes/nails and coloured nail varnish are not allowed. Students wearing make-up or nail varnish will be asked to remove it, and will be provided with the necessary materials to do so. Students wearing false nails or eyelashes will be expected to remove them.

Continued breaking of behaviour and standards will result in appropriate sanctions.

Students who refuse to remove make-up or jewellery will be isolated for the day and parents will be contacted to reinforce expected standards; we appreciate the support of parents and carers in upholding our high expectations of behaviour and standards.