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English is a thriving and lively area at Litherland High School where we strive to ensure that students enjoy our subject and make progress in all lessons. We pride ourselves on the strong relationships that we adopt with students, and our commitment to continually improve our standards of teaching and learning.

Primarily, our main priority is to nurture a love of our shared language, its heritage and its literature. We aim to explore the nature of the society and the world in which we live, through novels, poetry, plays and non-fiction material in our newly revised schemes of learning. English is the heart of everything we do in life; we use its written and spoken forms in order to present ourselves in the world outside school, and to achieve academically.

Another significant focus is to inspire our students to foster a love for reading- both reading for learning and pleasure. Recently, we have excitingly launched a shared reading programme across the school, whereby year groups read a range of genres with their form tutors. Titles include: ‘Boy Everywhere’ (Yr 7), Finding Layla’ (Yr 8) and ‘ The Boy who Steals Houses’ (Yr 9).

Key Stage Three

Students cover a range of thematic units that bring together the skills of speaking, reading and writing in engaging ways. Reading is developed through texts of increasing complexity and challenge with students being encouraged to become critical and analytical readers of meaning. Students are inspired to write in many different forms and, while creativity is key, they are always aware of audience, purpose and form in the texts types they encounter.

Key Stage Four

At Key Stage Four, students follow a 2-year programme following the Eduqas English Language and Literature syllabus.  We aim to ensure all students meet or exceed expected targets. In Literature, students will study the following texts: ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Romeo and Juliet, ‘An Inspector Calls’ and the ‘Poetry Anthology.’