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Performing Arts / Drama

Introduction to Drama

Drama is part of the thriving Performing Arts community at Litherland High School.

Drama is taught at KS3 and KS4 in our Drama Studio. The Drama Department also offers high quality extra-curricular programme that allows students to extend their skills and learning beyond the classroom while indulging their passion for the subject!

Drama at KS3

At Litherland High School Drama is taught twice per fortnight in a fully equipped Drama studio and is a compulsory subject within the timetable for Year 7 and 8. The Drama curriculum explores a range of topics from historic events to current issues, incorporating a range of theatre styles, allowing students to work practically giving them an insight into GCSE Drama.  Students may continue to study GCSE Drama from Year 9 through to Year 11 as an option subject.   KS3 Drama students are assessed at the end of each topic in the form of a practical assessment which they will evaluate verbally and in written form.  Students work in groups every lesson making collaborative learning the heart of every lesson.

Drama at KS4

Courses offered: AQA GCSE Drama   AQA GCSE Drama 2016 Specification is taught at KS4.

Component 1

Understanding Drama (40%) Written Examination Paper 1hour 45minutes

What's assessed? 

Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre.  • Study of one set play from a choice of six.  • Analysis and evaluation of the work of live theatre makers. 

Component 2

Devising Drama (40%) (Practical)

What's assessed?

Process of creating devised drama.  • Performance of devised drama (students may contribute as performer or designer).• Analysis and evaluation of own work. 

Component 3

Texts in practice (Practical) (20%) 

What's assessed?

Performance of two extracts from one play (students may contribute as performer or designer). Free choice of play but it must contrast with the set play chosen for Component 1.